About Us

We are a Family and we want to protect our Climate for our future generation !!

The SPACEnAI project is a dream project of the family. All the 4 team members belong to a family. We are 2 brothers and our wives migrated to Germany in 2012 to pursue our higher studies. During our graduation we have decided to start a family business. After our graduation and having some working experience we have now decided to go for our own business. We have seen several family owned small and big companies in Germany that motivated us to start a family business. The topic of the business has been selected depending on our previous experience. We want to create a visible positive impact in the society. We want to help clients invest their money in alignment with their values and finding innovative solutions that matter. We believe that helping people to connect the dots between their assets and their visions for the world in which they want to live is what keeps us energized and excited to grow the field of impact investing.

The founding team has a wide range of experience and learnings and now the general idea is to turn them to a business application. The motivation and enthusiasm came from the European Union’s H2020 funded project FabSpace 2.0 at the institute of geodesy at TU Darmstadt. One of the team member was directly involved as a project manager and all other members were participating in several events organized under the project. The project has a goal to ensure the sustainability of the EU project by providing equity free pre-incubation support to open new innovative startups. During the project time several startups has been created. The team got the idea to continue it and create a startup that will eventually ensure the sustainability of the FabSpace project. Although the FabSpace project was finished in 2019 but the team continued to learn, organize and made plan to go for a new startup with those gathered motivation. Finally, the team has done the brainstorming and created the mind map of the idea and discussed with the mentor from the university to go for the business application.